Website design for Quickwork
Website design for Quickwork
Regalia Luxury Website
Website design for Regalia Luxury
Adobe XD UI Kit - Free Download
Designed and prototyped in Adobe XD using overlays and auto animate
UNESCO World Heritage Mock App
Mock app UI/UX for UNESCO World Heritage
Login UX/UI for a mobile app
Login and Sign Up user flow, wireframes and UX/UI for a mobile application
Adobe XD Daily UI Challenge
Adobe XD Daily UI Challenge
Mortgage Matchmakers
Brand Identity for a mortgage and mortgage protection solutions company
Desiigns Decor
Brand identity for an interior design company
Equinox Capital
Brand identity for a wealth management and financial services company
Wedlock Greens
Social media posts for a resort in India
Editorial pages from VIVA magazine
Women's Health
Editorial pages from the Middle East edition of Women's Health
Lifestyle and Food
Lifestyle and food editorial features
Travel And Leisure
Travel and leisure editorial features
Music album art and posters for DJs
Art Direction - Women's Health
Art direction of editorial shoots for Women's Health (Middle East) magazine
Art direction of editorial shoots for Verve magazine
Art Direction - Stuff (India)
Art direction of editorial shoots for Stuff (India) magazine
Logos & Marks
Various Logos
Sketch Global AE Support Services
Logo design and branding material
Digital Magazine Prototype
Digital Magazine prototype for Stuff (India) Magazine
Stuff (India)
Editorial pages from Stuff (India) magazine
Adventure-based​ editorial features
Boys' Toys
Editorial features
Customer Publishing
Bespoke publishing work for various clients
Coffee Table Book for Chevrolet
Type and Image Experiments
Personal projects
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